The Solar Revolution
High-end from website to job site.
The Solar Revolution is a solar company dedicated to providing smart, durable, and long-lasting renewable energy solutions to high-end residential and commercial clients. The founder came to us looking for a complete redesign of their current Solar Revolution website, as well as a brand identity and website for their sister company, TSR Energy.
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We began with a deep dive into their current website, redefining their web flow and content structure. We simplified the navigation and created to direct narrative. By removing unnecessary elements, we were able to hone in on what makes The Solar Revolution stand out, the product’s ability to blend into its surroundings. We matched this feeling by creating a natural color palette, overlapping panels, and white space.
While The Solar Revolution spoke to the home and business owner, TSR Energy needed to relate to enterprise clientele. To do this, it was important to be straightforward, concise, and professional. With a custom monogram, grey-scaled color palette, and modified photography style, we were able to turn the framework of The Solar Revolution website into TSR Energy.