Nahigian Vart Farms
Homage to history.
Nahigian Vart Farms is a family-owned orchard in Kingsburg, California, with a rich 60+ year history. They reached out to us to create an identity for their farm.
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Colorado Jazz Group
Colorado Jazz Group is a non-profit that brings jazz education to Colorado youth. We were tasked with creating an identity system for their non-profit, annual Jazz Festival, and their new Backstage Jazz Parties.
After our initial launch meeting, we felt it was important to pay homage to both the history of Nahigian Vart Farms and its future. The brand is constructed of three core elements: wordmark, monogram, and symbol. The wordmark is a straightforward identifier of the farm. The monogram brings together the two families, symbolizing the farm’s founding. The California Mocking Jay is native to the land and was important to have as a part of the identity.