Photo Credit: Stuart Jones
Matchbox Design Festival
A day dedicated to Colorado’s designers & creatives.
Hi Noon founded and organized Matchbox Fest, the first design conference of its kind in Colorado. There is a large and talented design community in Colorado, and we wanted to bring it together for a one-day celebration. The day featured talks from local creatives, interactive art, and projects from community members on display. As the founders, we had our hands in all parts of the event, from creation to execution.
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Social Strategy
Web Design
Video Credit: Sidekik Media
"Kelsey was instrumental in the execution of Matchbox, I couldn't have done it without her."
-Skyler Sun
"Don't be so humble, it was all you."
-Kelsey Hill
Thank you to our sponsors
And a big shout out to our volunteers & vendors
Ef Rodriguez (Amazing MC)
Daniela Silva Riera
Sarah Neighbour
Andi Moller
Rachel Rohrig
Amanda Greening
Kianna Lauck
Avi Rubin
Scott Yorko

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