Fastpitch Showdowns
Game On.
Fastpitch Showdowns is a softball tournament circuit dedicated to putting the athletes first. With skill competitions, awards, fundraisers, and college recruiting programs, they truly care about athletes having fun and reaching their goals. We were brought in to do an overhaul of Fastpitch’s current website.
Art Direction
Content Strategy
Web Design
Web Development
Colorado Jazz Group
Colorado Jazz Group is a non-profit that brings jazz education to Colorado youth. We were tasked with creating an identity system for their non-profit, annual Jazz Festival, and their new Backstage Jazz Parties.
We split the project up into two parts: content strategy and design. Beginning with strategy, we helped Fastpitch define the purpose and structure of their site. With that understanding, we consolidated their current 20 item navigation into four distinct buckets. We created a card and block system that established a clear and digestible information hierarchy.
"They possess the rare but invaluable combination of creative vision and technical expertise."
-Ash Beckham